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Guy D. Huggins
Chief Software Architect
Genfiniti eWerX is an independent consultancy and outsourcing provider that promotes the organizational, software architecture, development, and communication talents of Mr. Guy D. Huggins & associates to members of the business community who are seeking seasoned and reliable software professionals for planning, developing and deploying successful software products and solutions.

As a world-class provider of .NET-based services and solutions, Genfiniti eWerX offers clients a holistic perspective for planning and implementing software systems using the latest Microsoft technologies, with proven object-oriented architecture and design principles.

International Association
of Software Architects
Genfiniti eWerX specializes in architecting and developing middle-tier and backoffice subsystems using the Microsoft .NET framework over the Microsoft Windows technology stack. These subsystems are intelligently architected for use by a variety of application types including desktop applications, web applications, web services, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services, Windows services or any combination thereof. This strict adherence to the “separation of concerns” principle in our architectures (a hallmark discipline of Genfiniti eWerX) ensures that our components can be reused and integrated across a wide spectrum of business systems, providing customers a solid return on their I.T. investment.

Genfiniti eWerX was born out of the dot-com bust of the early 21st century. In 2000, Guy D. Huggins, Chief Architect at Genfiniti eWerX, and member of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA), was fresh from his first private consulting venture at delta V Business Technologies (1997 to 2000), and looking to continue providing world-class application development services to the business community using Microsoft tools and technologies, leveraging his extensive network of technology professionals. Since then, Genfiniti eWerX has been engaged to provide expert-level consulting to the ecommerce, restaurant franchising, consumer call center, home subcontractor and remote business applications industries.

Today Genfiniti eWerX is helping small to mid-sized clients compete in an ever-increasing technological marketplace by designing and delivering superior software systems through our total commitment to uncompromising quality, best practices and economies of scale.

Engaging Genfiniti eWerX

Genfiniti eWerX engages with clients on both fixed-bid and time and materials (T&M) basis. The choice of engagement model is made by the client.

Fixed-bid engagements are performed in two distinct phases. In the first phase, Genfiniti eWerX performs a standardized analysis using the client’s requirements. (Sometimes however, those requirements are not rich enough to provide the information needed to perform the analysis. In these cases, Genfiniti eWerX will ask for clarifications, etc.) Once the analysis is completed, we will submit a fixed-bid, along with the results of our analysis to show how we arrived at the bid.

Once the client accepts a bid, and submits an earnest payment, Genfiniti eWerX will begin the project, sensitive to any deviations in the requirements, which will be subject to our change management process.

Time & Materials
Time and materials engagements are often selected by those clients who do not feel they can provide the requirements necessary for analysis. (In these instances Genfiniti eWerX recommends that clients consider a T&M engagement to get their requirements in order so that an analysis can be performed, giving us a basis to submit a fixed-bid.) This engagement model is also popular for those clients that have an emergency need and want something produced immediately, if not sooner, and view the analysis process as too time consuming.

For a client that decides to engage Genfiniti eWerX using this model, work can begin immediately. The client will be billed for each hour of work at the rates established and agreed to beforehand, and can expect to be invoiced bi-weekly.

As Genfiniti eWerX is a Texas sole-proprietorship, wholly owned and operated by Guy D. Huggins, we engage clients strictly on an independent contractor basis.
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