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Strategy Session
Every successful software project starts with the simple question, “What are we trying to accomplish here”? The answer to this question becomes the core goal of each action taken, and each decision made during the project; or at least it should. The ability to translate this goal into technology is the single biggest challenge facing any I.T. project today.

Genfiniti eWerx works with clients to “get from here to there” by taking the time necessary to learn where “there” is, and what success looks like... and we have learned from experience that the path to “there” never starts with code.

Like in any physical construction project, employing architecture, planning and management are critical to realizing success in a software system’s development. Yet most software projects ignore these critical steps! Each homebuilding project starts with getting qualified requirements from the customer and into the hands of an architect, who then develops the blueprints that are used to derive the construction schedule, as well as by the various crews for the construction of the home. The construction crews are supervised and guided by a supervisor who utilizes the architectural blueprints to guide the work to a natural and successful conclusion. The same critical path holds true for software. Just as the home resulting from shortcutting these critical first-order steps would be so poorly constructed it would never pass inspection, so too is the hastily constructed software system.

Software projects that proceed from unqualified requirements directly to code are doomed to fail. The reasons for this are numerous, but the main concerns include:

  • Without a unified architecture, it is impossible to perform accurate project planning and budgeting.

  • Without a unified architecture, each individual developer sets about building their assigned parts using their own interpretation of the requirements, with their own design and coding preferences.

  • Without a unified architecture, no one person can know if the individually designed and developed parts will come together and work as planned in the end.

  • Without a unified architecture, code is narrowly developed without much thought for reuse, being thought of as specialized to only perform a role in a particular application; instead of being designed up-front to perform that same role in any application, thus developing economies of scale.

  • According to The Standish Group Chaos Report…
    • 31.1% of projects will be canceled before they ever get completed

    • 52.7% of projects will cost over 189% of their original estimates

    • Only 9% of projects come in on-time and on-budget

    • Projects completed by the largest American companies have only approximately 42% of the originally-proposed features and functions. Smaller companies do much better. A total of 78.4% of their software projects will get deployed with at least 74.2% of their original features and functions.

    To ensure that these failure-inducing decisions are avoided through professional consultation, Genfiniti eWerX offers the following first-order services for helping our clients develop their I.T. strategy, architect software systems to realize that strategy, plan projects that implement the architecture, and manage the critical capital and human resources for implementation.

  • Learn about your business, your team, your challenges and your goals

  • Analyze your business problems and opportunities to help formulate an I.T. strategy that can be successfully implemented

  • From the I.T. strategy, identify and qualify business requirements

  • Analyze requirements for “sizing” and estimation

  • Develop Use Case and Test Case documentation

  • Using the requirements and use case documents, begin to formulate, and document, an architecture that includes:
    • Interactive UML models
    • Static UML models
    • Workflow Models
    • User Interface mock-ups

  • Help determine the correct project structure

  • Establish the critical path for implementation
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