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Second-Order Services
Systems Integration, .NET Development & Testing

The requirements are determined, qualified, documented, and understood; but certain to change…

The initial use cases and test cases have been developed…

The initial architecture is complete, and the models have been created and verified…

Now is the time for implementation.

Buy vs. Build
The first question that needs to be asked is, “What can we buy, and what do we have to develop for ourselves”? Let’s be honest, code is expensive. It takes a lot of time to plan, write, test, deploy and maintain code. After factoring in all the immediate and ongoing costs associated with code, you’re looking at some serious cash. Therefore, a critical first step for any implementation project is finding and evaluating pre-existing packages that you can license, with support, which will help meet the goal, but at a fraction of the cost.

Genfiniti eWerX offers professional systems integration services for helping clients identify, seek and evaluate existing packages to fill all, or part of, their implementation needs. We provide the expertise for integrating these packages to one another, and to your existing business systems. Oftentimes this involves developing reusable “adapter” or “pump” components within the overall architecture of the system. Likewise, when suitable pre-existing packages cannot be located to meet a client’s implementation needs in their entirety, new components must be developed that also harmonize with the overall architecture.

Web, Desktop & Server Solutions
Our .NET development services focus on implementing reusable components that serve as the “bindings” for systems integration, as well as to implement those parts of an architecture that have to be developed from scratch. Our deep .NET development experience goes back to the genesis of .NET in 2000, when what is now called “ASP .NET” was still being called “ASP+”, and in that time we have developed many software systems such as:
  • Windows desktop applications
  • Windows services
  • Console applications
  • Web applications
  • Web services
  • Client/Server applications
  • Edge computing applications
  • Content management applications
  • Data management and reporting applications
  • Windows media applications
  • Enterprise systems
How We Know It Works
As software systems are being implemented, a few questions should be continuously asked. The first question is always, “How is this accomplishing our goals and strategy”? The second is, “Does this work as intended”; followed by “How do we know?”

An affirmative answer to the first question is a matter of how well the first-order concerns are addressed and managed. An affirmative answer to the second is a matter of testing. There are many software testing principles and techniques in use in the industry today. Of these, Genfiniti eWerX focuses on those that have the most immediate value; unit testing, performed by Genfiniti eWerX during implementation, and phased user acceptance testing (UAT) performed by the client.

Our Best Chance for Success
Most implementation projects are broken into distinct phases during planning. These phases are informed by the architecture, and typically involve the logical grouping of common functionality, combined with the critical path. This results in natural phases for implementation that become “mini-projects” within themselves, each an iteration to itself. As these phases are developed, they are unit tested by Genfiniti eWerX. After the phase is completed, the results are delivered to the client who performs UAT, communicating any bugs or other issues back to Genfiniti eWerX to be reconciled.

This phased approach offers several advantages, the most noteworthy include:

  • Makes a large project far more manageable by providing natural, smaller milestones throughout the project, as opposed to attempting to hit only one big milestone in the end. This provides many opportunities to check progress and ensure that we do not “get off course”.

  • Greatly increases the chances of success and fosters a sense of momentum as each smaller phase is successfully met.

  • Provides the client with opportunities to track progress, test, and provide feedback throughout the project.
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