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No professional software development effort is truly complete until those not involved in the development effort itself also have a way of learning about what was produced, how it works, and where to find help. To accomplish these finishing touches, Genfiniti eWerX offers several third-order services to its clients.

Software Systems Training Class
To help clients better learn what software systems were produced, what the features are, and how to use them; Genfiniti eWerX provides two types of documentation.

The first type of documentation is geared towards a client’s technology team and includes those items which fully describe the solution developed in the format of a lightweight Software Development Kit (SDK). This will include all of the final UML models, Application Programming Interface (API) documentation (generated from the code using standard tools), as well as any tools developed to aid in the overall development process.

The second type of documentation is that which is geared to the client’s non-technical members, and can best be described as a User Guide. This User Guide documentation describes how end-users perform day-to-day tasks and other operations using the software. This User Guide then becomes the text book for any and all user training that may be requested.

Larger clients that have many employees who will use the software system on a day-to-day basis often benefit from having those employees trained on how to operate the new system. For these clients, Genfiniti eWerX offers training services which include course materials, lab experiences and classroom instruction. Training is tailored to the students and is performed at a location of the client’s choosing.

Finally, Genfiniti eWerX offers support services for all of our software systems deliverables. Typically, clients will want the assured security of knowing that Genfiniti eWerX’s experience and expertise will be available long after the initial deliverable is placed into production. By purchasing and renewing an annual support contract, clients are assured that Genfiniti eWerX will be available to address any issues that may arise, as well as receive preference for any new development.
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